Oli & Frankie - Marylebone Town Hall & Bernardi's

What a spectacular wedding this was indeed! A couple of days before the wedding the groom (Oli) had text me worrying about the weather and so all preparations where made for the chances of rain! However Saturday arrived and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, perfect weather and a beautiful couple all that we needed now was friends and family. A wonderful albeit stressful arrival at Marylebone Town Hall due to some unruly protesters meant that Frankie definitely kept her husband in waiting but he wasn’t disappointed when he locked eyes on her.

The couple chose a great Italian restaurant Bernardi’s to host their Italian feast themed reception where the food and drink was splendid. Some heartfelt words by the father of the bride and groom and some perhaps not so heartfelt words from the best man and all that was left to do is dance, dance and dance…

“I liked everything. The weather was 50-50 and he had scoped out alternative photo spots for us under cover, he eased us into the day and ensured he was fully prepared, He took awesome photos and was great fun. Oliver added amazing value before, during and after our wedding.


If you don't hire him you are a donut.”

Oli & Frankie Woodgate