Documentary Wedding Photography 


Documentary wedding photography, wedding photojournalism or reportage photography as it is also known, is simply the term used to describe my discreet photographic style, using natural and available light. Nothing staged, nothing posed just natural honest images as your day unfolds that will bring a smile to your face when you look back at them in years to come.

Aside from the odd pre-planned group photo I spend the majority of my time capturing what comes naturally whilst being discreet and unobtrusive throughout the day.

Sicily Wedding Photography
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London Wedding Photography
Wedding Portfolio 181.jpg
Kent Documentary Wedding Photography
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It’s all about anticipating and observing the people and environment around you, allowing them to be in front of the camera undirected, natural and unposed- and if you happen to dance like no-one’s watching or break into the hokey cokey then I’ll be on hand to capture it!


Take a look through my wedding portfolio to see the type of authentic and instinctive wedding photography that I will deliver for you.